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Wedding Photographer at Faenol Fawr, Wales

Picture the scene... wedding photographer, scribbling away, finding out about the bride and groom to be, that he is going to photograph on their wedding day... listening intently, checking his notes, making sure he isn't imagining it, rechecking his notes, looking up at the happy couple to ensure his eyes don't deceive him, and then finally realising that he is indeed chatting to a real life Gavin and Stacey. One from Wales, the other not. Both on the end of a telephone to each other as they worked miles away. One making the long trip to see the other... I'm just waiting for Fallon or Tom to mention their Uncle Bryn!

The wedding of Fallon and Tom

So having rubbed my eyes a time or two, and come to the realisation that I wouldn't in fact be meeting Uncle Bryn or sampling one of Gwen's delicious omelettes, I prepared myself, as designated wedding photographer, to capture the wonderful wedding day of Fallon and Tom in North Wales, on Saturday the 6th of July 2019, at Faenol Fawr. In a reverse of the popular TV comedy, the Welsh half of this lovely couple was Gavin... I mean Tom! And it was Tom's roots that lead us all the way back to this beautiful part of the world. Ignoring all the globe trotting that they have both enjoyed for the moment, it was back home that the all important vows were made. In the church of Tom's small village, the two looked to create some wonderful and happy memories with their friends and family. And so they did. When I asked Fallon for her most memorable part of the whole wedding, it was lovely to hear that she actually had three, and all involved this particular section of the day.

  1. "The car ride to the church with my Dad, we had a really lovely conversation that made us both cry."
  2. "Saying my vows out loud - I didn't realise the power of the words or how much the day meant to me until I spoke them in front of the congregation."

Lastly, and my favourite, also happened to be Tom's defining moment of the wedding day. "Walking back down the aisle, officially as a little Turrisi family. Tom and I, hand in hand, carrying our son... with the same Oasis song playing in the background that was on the radio the day we left the hospital with him as a new-born." How fitting, and a genuinely beautiful scene to witness, especially knowing the meaning of the song to this gorgeous couple of newlyweds.

Following on from all the happy and memorable moments that the wedding ceremony brought us at Tom's local church, we then moved onto Faenol Fawr for the reception. There were some important criteria that needed to be met for both Fallon and Tom, and do you know what, this wedding photographer thinks they nailed it with their venue choice. Character, charm, delicious food and lots of flow between areas, both inside and outside, to allow guests to mingle, as well as offer a fantastic backdrop for their wedding photographs. The first three were certainly ticked off, especially with the serving of canapes on the lawn, with the stunning building behind it all... a real treat for the eyes... and the tastebuds! Not content with an eye catching exterior, their choice was even more impressive as we moved through to the inside as the wedding breakfast was served, and a trip across to the newly refurbished barn for the evenings entertainment. There's lot's of photos below, showing off the venue in all of it's splendour.

Globetrotting... we can't finish without a quick mention of the story behind how they first met, where they became engaged and of course, the honeymoon. Our very own Gavin and Stacey originally worked for the same company, with just a few miles between their different branches. Tom in the UK, Fallon in Sydney... Australia... like I said, just a few miles separating them. With a 30th birthday approaching, and a visit to Oz on the cards, Tom was invited to meet up when he arrived, and in Fallon's words, "the rest, you can say, is history." Four years later, upon one knee, our dashing groom to be asked Fallon to marry him a top the London Shard and from there, the wheels were set in motion for the amazing wedding I had the privilege of photographing. Whilst our TV characters enjoyed a week in the Greek sun, our real life long distance couple embarked on a 'familymoon' around a few sophisticated sites that Europe has to offer. Parents and family joined them on their five legged trip to Paris, Barcelona, Rome, Florence and Venice... I think the phrase I'm looking for is 'green with envy'! But with my jealousy to one side, I hope they had the time of their lives and would like to wish this perfect pair congratulations! To Fallon and Tom!

Wedding photography by Jon Thorne at Faenol Fawr, Wales.

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Wedding Photographer at Faenol Fawr, Wales

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