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Yorkshire Wedding Photographer at Carlton Towers, July 2019

There's a certain magic about meeting your future wife or husband back at school isn't there? Hollywood loves to tell a story of a high school romance which evolves into the perfect wedding day and marriage. Well, as I became a Yorkshire wedding photographer for the day, on Saturday 31st July 2019, I had the pleasure of photographing said story... with a slight twist...

The wedding of Lindsey and Antony

... ok. Yes I was an honorary Yorkshire wedding photographer for the day and yes, it was a school based/themed wedding day... but the high school part was the twist. They may not have been high school sweethearts, in the strictest Hollywood sense, but the lovely Lindsey and Antony were indeed a beautiful couple, both of whom are primary school teachers, who met at work. So, I think I'm fully justified in saying they are indeed a (not so high) school couple.

Now when I think high school sweethearts, the first thing I think about is classic movies and those glances across a classroom, as the lesson continues in the background, and a note or two exchanges hands between the two of them. Adorable? Sweet? Not quite as romantic as Antony's proposal I will add! The proposal did indeed include said notes, as our dashing groom to be left clues for Lindsey around their home, all leading to one word... Gdańsk. With Lindsey understandably excited about her forthcoming holiday to the stunning Polish city, she didn't realise that wedding bells may also be in the air. With the gorgeous couple enjoying a city break in Europe, Antony took Lindsey to the top of a hill, inside a zoo, on a day out around town, and asked that all important question. With a resounding yes, the couple set about finding a venue, a dress and of course a wedding photographer, over the following months, as they prepared for their big day.

And the venue that they chose was a beautiful one. Carlton Towers, in Yorkshire. If you don't know it by name, you may well have seen it on screen, with the incredible building the backdrop for a number of TV and movie sets across the years. As well as being 'home' for David Jason, no less, on a Charles Dicken's adaptation, the remarkable building has played host to Masterchef, Victoria and many others. In Antony's words, "we chose Carlton Towers because it was beautiful both inside and out." And how right he was. With the whole grounds and building exclusive to Lindsey, Antony and all of their friends and family for the day, they had a wonderful wedding. It turns out that the lovely Lindsey is also an avid historian, and with this in mind, the couple agreed that the only word to describe Carlton Towers was, 'perfect'.

As well as the aforementioned venue, when pushed for their highlight of the day, dancing down the aisle was a particularly fond memory for the newlyweds, as you'll see below. Not content with this or a treasure hunt leading to Gdańsk, they decided to add another special memory or two to the celebrations with a trip to Miami, before soaking in a few more rays on a seven day Caribbean cruise honeymoon. Jealous? Just a little. Congratulations to Lindsey and Antony!

Wedding photography by Jon Thorne at Carlton Towers, Yorkshire.

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Yorkshire Wedding Photographer at Carlton Towers, July 2019

"... ok. Yes I was an honorary Yorkshire wedding photographer for the day and yes, it was a school based/themed wedding..."