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London Wedding Photographer at St Pancras Renaissance Hotel, April 2019

You know what they say about office romances? They never work do they? Well apparently, that is not always the case, as I found out as the designated wedding photographer of a simply wonderful couple, on their big day. What started off as the meeting of a manager and an employee, the lovely Mark and Charlotte ended the 27th April as man and wife in front of onlooking friends and family who had gathered to celebrate their wedding day at St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel in London.

The wedding of Charlotte and Mark

So, how did it all begin? With the big day set for the 27th April 2019, plans were afoot for this beautiful couple almost two years prior, as Mark proposed to his stunning, soon to be wife, Charlotte, whilst on a family holiday in the Dominican Republic. In front of those closest to them, a 'yes' was exchanged and the happy couple's journey from work colleagues to wedded partners was most certainly underway. However, I did say, 'where it all began' to begin with and so a little before the engagement, came the initial meeting. Now I don't know about you, but when I think of office couples, I go straight to Tim and Dawn, from The Office, or for stateside fans, Pam and Jim as the perfect example of love found at work. In this case, Charlotte met her husband to be whilst Mark was actually her boss' boss... a situation that sounds like it could have had it's moments. As such, as the couple continued their relationship, it came time for Charlotte to part ways with her employer. What is it they say about every cloud? Well a silver lining was most certainly true as the couple said their vows to each other... and to top it off, Charlotte found herself an event better job! I think that calls for a celebration...

And it would be rude of me to not mention the celebration that indeed ensued. With particular meaning to both, the bride and groom to be chose to have their wedding day at St Pancras Renaissance Hotel, in London. As a favourite building of Mark's, and a place that Charlotte passes by every day, the iconic venue was the obvious choice for the couple. And with a wedding in London, there are more than a few iconic images that spring to mind... red buses, Big Ben, the Tower, Buckingham Palace... so many things, but only one that jumps straight to the forefront of my mind. A London black cab. With a proud cabbie father walking his beautiful daughter down the aisle, it was lovely to see a little glimpse of the famous motor on the day. You'll see a few images below with the black cab nestled in the background.

Two things that stood out...

  1. Isn't it lovely when you're going about your everyday life and something reminds you of warm and happy feelings? Well it is a regular occurrence for both Charlotte and Mark. Both reminisce about the moment they saw each other as the gap between them closed as our gorgeous bride walked down the aisle. The song that accompanied them was not only a personal favourite, but is also now part of a TV advert, so every time it pops up during the ad breaks, the happy couple get fabulous flashbacks to that special moment.
  2. You know me and venues, especially architecture. Well I love the chance to visit London, St Pancras Renaissance is a stunning building from a photographic point of view and last but not least, the staff on hand are a joy to work with. Have a look at the photos below to see some of the amazing shots we captured, showing off the incredible structure. Not content with being an astonishing view, this 5 star venue certainly lives up to its billing. 'An icon and a model of hospitality' is how it is described online, and how true! A big thank you to everyone, as they made me feel so welcome throughout, and it was a thoroughly enjoyable day.

Last but not least, #EnvyAlert. As if this couple didn't have it all on their wedding day. Beautiful bride, dapper groom, awesome wedding venue, a Hollywood proposal in the Dominican Republic... the list goes on, but the final element certainly had me green... a once in a lifetime honeymoon followed with the newlyweds traveling to Singapore for a three day stay, with a week in the marvellous Maldives to round off what was a magical wedding, from start to finish. Congratulations to Charlotte and Mark!

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London Wedding Photographer at St Pancras Renaissance Hotel, April 2019

"So, how did it all begin? With the big day set for the 27th April 2019, plans were afoot for this beautiful couple..."