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Cheshire Wedding Photographer at Heaton House Farm, August 2019

Chemistry. A wonderfully, mystical 'thing', don't you think? The way two people can just connect, get each other and enjoy each others company, sometimes without rhyme or reason. And it's this 'undeniable chemistry' that Rachael refers to when recanting how the two first met, their friendship over the years, and the acting upon said chemistry, which lead the two to become husband and wife a few years later, all under the watchful eye of their designated wedding photographer for the day, at a gorgeous venue in Cheshire.

The wedding of Rachael and Lee

Listening to both Rachael and Lee discussing how they first met, their engagement and the lead up to the wedding... there is without doubt, undeniable chemistry. With the big day scheduled for the 1st August 2019, at the stunning Heaton House Farm in Cheshire, it was lovely getting to know the future husband and wife duo, and what a beautiful story they had to tell to their chosen wedding photographer. And as well as the word 'chemistry', it never ceases to amaze me how often the word 'serendipity' is applicable when it comes to couples. In this instance, our bride and groom to be, met all the way back in 2011, as they both interviewed for a position at the QE Hospital in Birmingham. Another word, 'fate', sprang to mind for Rachael, as they both ended up being offered roles at the hospital, and from there, a friendship began to blossom. The difficulty in taking the next step occurred however, as although there was this clear connection between them both, they also found themselves in long term relationships already. Indeed the years rolled on until one day, as the two found themselves single, a phone call out of the blue from Lee saw him ask Rachael if she'd like to join him as his plus one at a forthcoming birthday party. In Rachael's own words, 'the rest is history'.

Having been friends for so long, their relationship soon began to progress and just six months later, our dashing groom to be found himself on one knee, at Charlecote Park in Warwickshire, preparing to pop a certain question. With a rucksack of champagne, nibbles and a blanket, Lee set the scene, ready to ask his gorgeous bride to be to marry him... she of course, said 'yes'.

As has already been clear during their relationship, before and after Lee's bended knee, things just seem to 'happen', when the two are together. And indeed, following a mini break away from home, the two 'happened' to see signs for Heaton House Farm on their way back. Deciding to take the turn and have a look, the couple fell instantly in love with the place (and I can't blame them). First venue they'd seen, check. Only venue they were going to see, check. Booked? Check, check! In my own words, Heaton House Farm itself, is perfect for those, like Rachael and Lee, who are looking for a vintage, outdoors, English countryside wedding. For anyone looking for a wedding venue, that is a little alternative to the traditional, something with a true WOW factor in and around Cheshire and Staffordshire, you will struggle to find somewhere with quite as much charm and romance as Heaton House Farm. In the words of our lovely couple...

"Heaton House Farm is set in the most stunning countryside, with rolling hills for miles around! We always wanted a countryside venue and with the venue still a working farm, this ticked all of our venue location boxes. We then discovered how wonderful the HHF team are, and having an events co-ordinator to run your day was a big must for us. Heaton House Farm also enables you to create a completely bespoke wedding, without any set packages or suppliers, which really appealed to us as we wanted a day that was completely unique for us."

And the wedding itself was amazing, with our happily married newlyweds enjoying the whole day through, as yours truly captured the event. It was a real pleasure to be the wedding photographer on this beautiful day in Cheshire and a delight to work with such genuinely lovely people. Did I say lovely? I meant lovely AND lucky! Following an incredible wedding day, the two set off on their honeymoon to Thailand, visiting Bangkok, the beach at Phuket and the tropical paradise of Koh Samui. With time spent at an animal sanctuary, a private beach picnic with their very own chef and many more memories, it sounds like they had an incredible time away. Congratulations to Rachael and Lee!

Wedding photography by Jon Thorne at Heaton House Farm, Cheshire.

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Cheshire Wedding Photographer at Heaton House Farm, August 2019

"Listening to both Rachael and Lee discussing how they first met, their engagement and the lead up to the wedding......"
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