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Warwickshire Wedding Photographer at Hampton Manor

"Ello, 'ello, 'ello. What 'ave we got here then?" An absolutely stunning wedding, that's what we've got here! I absolutely love photographing weddings but this day REALLY did go perfectly, and I was so pleased to be a part of Victoria and Ondre's day. In a wedding venue surrounded by memories of political family royalty and their history in the creation of the modern day police force, it wasn't so much a case of Bobbies on the beat, it was more happy, smiling guests on seats...

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The wedding of Victoria and Ondre

What a simply spectacular day. End of. Before the event itself, I knew I would have at least two friendly faces on the day, but by the end of the wedding I was blown away by just what lovely people the entire family were and also the staff on hand to ensure the proceedings went without a hitch... and they did! Upon meeting Victoria and Ondre for the first time, I knew this wasn't going to be one of those weddings where I was 'the hired help', it was an occasion where I'd be welcomed with open arms and genuinely made to feel part of the day itself. I'm still smiling about it now as I'm writing, just like I was the day I photographed it. The whole event was elegant, friendly, happy and vibrant... exactly what a wedding should be... and it certainly made my images POP.

Talking of photography, this wonderful couple definitely made things easy for me. I'm sure they must have sat down and said, 'how can we make Jon's life photographing our wedding as simple as possible?' Gorgeous bride and groom, check. Make sure the whole family is happy, check. Pick at least one stunning venue, check. Actually, pick two beautiful venues, check check. Horse and carriage... their list to accommodate me must have been enormous! Joking aside, Victoria and Ondre clearly have a knack for creating a jaw dropping occasion. Before their reception at Hampton Manor in Warwickshire, just a few minutes from Solihull, the bride and groom tied the knot a stones throw away at St. Mary's Church. It was a sign of things to come. I don't think I can find words for the ceremony, so I hope my photos below speak a thousand of them instead. With the traditional confetti thrown, they both then made their way, along with myself and the rest of their guests, to Hampton Manor itself, just around the corner. While the wedding party moved inside, the happy couple then embarked on a short, romantic trip together around the village by horse and carriage. With a backdrop of a bright, Winter's day it looked truly magical.

The venue... I must confess, this was my first foray to Hampton Manor and so was unsure what to expect. A friend had already told me it would be a real treat and to expect something special. So I did my research beforehand and saw what could only be described as a luxury, English manor house draped in rich British history. I've said it before, but I'll say it again, spectacular! The exterior of this beautiful 19th century venue is breathtaking. The interior, captures this same elegance but infuses it with what I would descibe as contemporary, elegant, luxury. I managed to snatch a few spare moments during the day to capture some of the outside elements of the Manor which you'll see below. It's charming, chic and as I said, flooded with genuine history. It was built in 1855 by Sir Frederick Peel, son of Prime Minister Sir Robert Peel to those history buffs amongst you. For those interested in politics, yes, THAT Sir Robert Peel. To be in the former residence of a direct relation to the man who formed what we now know today as a modern police force (aside from his other many numerous achievements)  was quite amazing. Bobbies on the beat... you've heard the saying... Bobbies, Robert? That's where it came from. Anyway, history class dismissed, back to the wedding!

The setup and staff always make a big difference on the day. At Hampton Manor I was greeted by friendly, helpful and attentive people all day long. From start to finish, every last person I met and spoke with was professional and determined to make the day perfect... they succeeded. On top of that, the style and detail put into the day was exquisite. From the glass roofed restaurant pouring light upon the guests, to the long tables laid out for the meal, everything was completed to such a high standard. It was a wonderful day, and one I not only enjoyed but was over the moon to be a part of.

Wedding photography by Jon Thorne at Hampton Manor, Warwickshire.

Victoria & Ondre Wedding at Hampton

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Warwickshire Wedding Photographer at Hampton Manor

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