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Staffordshire Wedding Photographer at The Heath House, June 2018

Wedding suppliers, or more specifically wedding photographers in my case, have a lovely job. Being paid to do something they love (photographing weddings for me) is a wonderful feeling. However, it can sometimes feel like your watching an amazing event through someone elses eyes, without actually being a part of it. Quite rightly, I'm an observer on the day, and not a close friend or family member. On some occasions though, like the 30th of June 2018, you are made to feel so welcome, that you start to feel like an invited guest, and really soak up the atmosphere, even though you are the photographer on the day. With camera in hand, and genuinely enjoying the warmth shown by the lovely couple Megan and Ian, I embarked on a wedding shoot in Stattfordshire, at The Heath House.

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The wedding of Megan and Ian

You know that feeling when you feel like you've known someone forever? Well in the case of Megan and Ian, that was exactly how I felt. A genuinely wonderful couple, that I was so happy to see get married at The Heath House in Staffordshire. There's a kind of unwritten rule for booking a wedding photographer... if you want to find a really good one, make sure you book them up at least 12 months in advance. In this case, I met the bride and groom to be even further in advance of that. With all that time beforehand, and a pre wedding shoot in the middle, by the time I arrived in June 2018 to photograph this chilled out couple, it felt like I had turned up, camera in hand, to capture some stunning images of lifetime friends. Throughout the day, I was made to feel part of the day, and for that I was truly grateful. A wonderful wedding day!

Now a wedding day is about the bride and groom, full stop. However, as a wedding photographer, I always look for those extra little moments, keep an eye out for the things that make special memories. With that in mind, thinking back to this day reminds me of three specific things. The first, as you'll see below, is the lovely little bridesmaid, Isabel. A very special person on the day, as the daughter of the newlyweds, but someone I must mention as she was absolutely golden from start to finish. A truly beautiful bridesmaid!

Secondly, the speeches. More specifically, the speeches of best men Sam and Tom. Ultra specifically? The look on Ian's face as the best men's speech unfurled. I've heard a few best man speeches over my years. The one thing that always springs to my mind is that the entire room has to take the best man's word for it. All the horror stories from yesteryear, the embarrassing memories, are 'sometimes', perhaps, exaggerated, or to be fair, employ a certain 'creative license'. Sam and Tom, however, decided that their stories shouldn't require the audience to use their imagination... they should just listen whilst they look at the photographic evidence! With small envelopes placed on each table at the wedding reception, the guests were asked to open their surprise bundles as the speech began... needless to say, a few of Ian's misdemeanours were hard for him to deny. It created a humorous atmosphere and was all taken in good jest. Poor Ian!

Last but not least, the third memory that sticks in my mind was the day overall. What a scorcher! It. Was. HOT! And what a beautiful day it was to host a stunning wedding. The atmosphere from start to finish mirrored the weather. Throughout, there was lots of laughter and stacks of fun as the drinks flowed, with all one hundred plus guests enjoying a great day in the sun, at a gorgeous venue, The Heath House. Now if you've read any of my other blogs, you'll know how fond I am of this venue, and it is always a delight to photograph here, and Megan and Ian made a perfect choice for their day. It's nestled in Staffordshire, and as always, the hard working staff combined their wonderful venue with world class service and help throughout the day. With some spectacular grounds, the Staffordshire venue offers some quite unique photograph opportunities. It really does offer a touch of class and traditional styling that can be hard to find.

Congratulations to Megan and Ian!

Wedding photography by Jon Thorne at The Heath House, Staffordshire.

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