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Warwickshire Wedding Photographer at Hampton Manor

What a simply spectacular day. End of. Before the event itself, I knew I would have at least two friendly faces on the day, but by the end of the wedding I was blown away by just what lovely people the entire family were and also the staff on hand to ensure the proceedings went without a hitch... and they did! Upon meeting Victoria and Ondre for the first time, I knew this wasn't going to be one of those weddings where I was 'the hired help', it was an occasion where I'd be welcomed with open arms and genuinely made to feel part of the day itself.

Cheshire Wedding Photographer at Crewe Hall

As a wedding photographer, I get to meet a lot of brides and a lot of grooms. Some stick in your mind for years to come, for good or bad. Sometimes though, you meet a wedding party, a family or a group of friends that really make an impression on you as a whole. In the case of Kirsten and Matthew, you really get a sense of just how much their friends and family mean to them. And whilst I always believe in the phrase, 'ladies first', on this occasion I must mention Matthew before Kirsten, or perhaps more specifically, Nan Dorothy and Grandad Frank.

Wedding Photographer at Oldwalls Gower, Wales

For anyone who hasn't visited Gower in Wales, it is absolutely worth a trip. This isn't just a wedding venue, the area is simply beautiful. I really enjoyed my time in Wales with Marie and Stephen, and for a photographer it was a delight. Seeing as this was the lovely couples first holiday away together, it really doesn't surprise me that it obviously brought back such great memories for them that it was the ideal choice for their big day.

Staffordshire Wedding Photographer at Hoar Cross Hall, September 2016

I'm going to try and sum this wedding up in one word as best as I can, but there are a few that spring to mind in regards to this beautiful day in Staffordshire where I photographed Jenny and Mark's big day. The first one I think of is 'relaxed'. Some weddings are frantic, due to nerves or a lack of preparation. Some days can be really stressful, with pre vow tears or an unforeseen issue arising. And then some are just, relaxed.

Cheshire Wedding Photographer at Statham Lodge Hotel

I love a good wedding. I love photographing a good wedding. However, a good wedding doesn't always mean a FUN wedding. As a wedding photographer, you come across all kinds of big days. Some are absolutely stunning to the eye when you look back through the photographs, but lacked a little 'pzazz' during the actual event. Others can be quite low key affairs, intimate family gatherings, and as such I capture the day whilst allowing the most important people to enjoy their day, their way, as it should be! But I do love a wedding that has a certain FUN element.