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Warwickshire Wedding Photographer at Shustoke Barn

So here I was, on the 29th April 2017, at the gorgeous Shustoke Barn to photograph Guy and Tim's big day, and I already know two things that are going to make the day a real joy. Firstly, the grooms to be are a really lovely couple. Genuine, friendly and welcoming, so a good start. Secondly, the venue is a beauty. The Barn is the perfect setting for those looking for something a bit rural, with a vintage style to it and with space to cater for all of your friends and family.

Warwickshire Wedding Photographer at Ansty Hall

Now, having met the beautiful couple, Tessa and Chris, beforehand, I knew that there would be little elements during the day of one of their passions in life that they shared... that of long walks in the country, and so I was not surprised to see their wedding cake. Even the thought of eating it felt rude and cultural desecration... it was truly a work of art, and natural art at that. There is a photo below clearly referencing their love of the great outdoors and their cake for cutting, with a really creative wood based theme... check it out below, amazing!

Cheshire Wedding Photographer

Now from experience, being a wedding photographer in the Cheshire countryside, in February, means two things. One, the photo opportunities against the gorgeous landscapes Britain has to offer can be stunning. So tick once for excitement. The second is, will the weather be kind? Having made the long journey from Canada to Cheshire for their big day, both Claire and David certainly hoped it would be... but Mother nature almost had an off day, right at the start, to throw their wedding plans into chaos.

Staffordshire Wedding Photographer at The Heath House, February 2017

When I first met Bernie and Nigel, we booked up our important date of the 8th of February 2017, and it was quite clear at the time, that this wonderful couple held a little place in each of their hearts for a mechanical classic of engineering... their VW camper van! Such an iconic vehicle and it is little wonder so many people gravitate towards them for their day, especially those looking to add a touch of retro or vintage to their wedding. So if you have a camper van of your own, surely it will become a focal point when you are tying the knot?

Manchester Wedding Photographer at Great John Street Hotel

So, on the 4th of February this year, I found myself in a part of the country I always enjoy visiting, but don't get to all that often, Manchester. Just a stones throw from the historic, industrial canals of the city, sits an old school house which was to be my base of photographic operations for the wedding of the gorgeous Jane and her dapper husband to be, Danny.