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Through The Eyes Of A Staffordshire Wedding Photographer

Sometimes, it's not until you take a step back and look at your working life, that you suddenly gain a little extra affection for your profession. Working for yourself in the wedding photography industry can sometimes be a bit daunting and a touch lonely. Looking back across 2017, I was reminded just how lucky I was to spend so many wonderful days in the company of friendly couples all looking to celebrate their big day. Lonely? No way!

Staffordshire Wedding Photographer at The Upper House, November 2017

With poppies adorning suits, outfits and dresses amongst the wedding party, Claire and Iain's big day, was a truly special occasion, and I was so privileged to be a part of it. Suited and booted for the main event, groom Iain looked the picture of style and calm as he arrived in a little old runaround at The Upper House in Staffordshire... well ok, a little jealousy set in there... the old runaround was a nice car, nothing special... OK!

Warwickshire Wedding Photographer at Mallory Court

Now I'm not the world's biggest fan of public transport. Granted, it provides a magnificent service for huge proportions of people across the globe, but I however, I am one of those people that always seems to get let down by it. Be it leaves on the track or a broken down 'Number 6', I'm that person that it happens to. I can hand on heart say that photographing this big red beauty was an exception to my rule.

Worcestershire Wedding Photographer at Manor Hill House, September 2017

Now that I've mentioned Vegas, you might be thinking that the whole wedding day was a whirlwind of showgirls, neon lights, fabulous water displays and card games... alas, that was not the case... it was so much more. My Saturday with Amy and Nick took place at the marvelous Manor Hill House in Worcestershire, and for those that have seen it, or indeed been there, you'll know it offers a romantic, rural setting for your big day, coupled with a touch of boutique elegance and class.

Staffordshire Wedding Photographer at Dovecliff Hall, August 2017

So, on the 25th of August 2017, a Friday, I met up with the wonderful couple Catherine and Elliot for their big day... and what a lovely couple they are. As I said previously, these two teachers are in the middle of a redecorating process in their new home (congratulations!) and still found the time and energy to celebrate their obvious love for each other before friends and family. In what was a delightful, intimate wedding at Dovecliff Hall, there were some truly heartful moments from start to finish.