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Wedding Photography Blog

Shropshire Wedding Photographer at The Mill Barns, November 2018

And a treat it was! I really do love my job as a wedding photographer as you get to be a part of a very special day, and I'm lucky to say that in my case, it is invariably with some very special people. Olivia and Edward are no exception. The incredibly laid back couple took the whole event in their stride. Whereas I can sometimes be the physical incarnation of the duck metaphor, serene on top, paddling furiously below deck, this wonderful duo simply absorbed and enjoyed their big day, stress free.

Essex Wedding Photographer at Leez Priory, October 2018

When I say that I was 'schooled' in how to organise a classy wedding, I really mean it. There are some venues that you visit as a wedding photographer and you are pleasantly suprised by what they have to offer. Sometimes the guests and family can be a little different to how you imagined, a little more laid back perhaps, other times a bit more 'enthusiastic'. All weddings are completely different, and when I, the photographer, turn up, you never quite know what to expect.

Shropshire Wedding Photographer at Iscoyd Park, August 2018

Although I use the term 'Wicked', it is most certainly a double entendre of the positive kind, rather than the negative. In order to explain myself, I must first skip a few hours through the day to the speeches and beyond, in order to describe some quite memorable moments that certainly stood out during the wedding day, and made it 'Wicked'. Now for anyone not entirely sure where I am going with this, I use the word 'Wicked' in reference to the theatrical production of pre and parallel stories surrounding The Wizard Of Oz, a classic story enjoyed by all.

Staffordshire Wedding Photographer at The Heath House, June 2018

You know that feeling when you feel like you've known someone forever? Well in the case of Megan and Ian, that was exactly how I felt. A genuinely wonderful couple, that I was so happy to see get married at The Heath House in Staffordshire. There's a kind of unwritten rule for booking a wedding photographer... if you want to find a really good one, make sure you book them up at least 12 months in advance. In this case, I met the bride and groom to be even further in advance of that.